How to get rid of lice fast

         Many people ask How to get rid of lice fast.I suggest we can get rid of lice fast with a simple home remedy, plus careful and consistent combing with a nit comb. Prescription and over-the-counter lice shampoos are available, as are many suggested home remedies, but one method that many people report success with get rid of lice fast is using tea tree oil. Head lice epidemics spread through schools and into families as children bring them home, so no matter how clean or careful you are, there's a chance you or a family member can catch them.And here is the Instructions
1st, We need a mixture of regular shampoo with ten drops of tea tree oil.  Wash your hair and leave the shampoo and tea tree oil on the head for  an hour or more.

2nd, Use a nit comb to Comb the hair thoroughly twice a day, once after shampooing and the other at a different time of day. After combing, soak comb in rubbing alcohol to get rid of any lice or nits on them between uses.That is an important thing of 
how to get rid of lice fast ,so dont lazy!

3rd, Vacuum car seats and other areas, and soak combs, brushes or hair clasps for a day in rubbing alcohol.Wash all bedding, hats, clothing and everything the lice may have spread to in hot water and dry on the hot cycle of the dryer. If items can't be washed without damage, seal them in a plastic bag for a few weeks. While lice are still active, you'll need to rewash all bedding each day.

4th, Check other family members also, to make sure the lice haven't spread.
Continue shampooing with tea tree oil and combing twice a day for at least a week, and continue combing every other day for another week, even when you no longer find lice or nits, to make sure they're thoroughly gone.

If you follow the Instructions above i think you will not ask How to get rid of lice fast.Hope this will help you.

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